Kwik Camo II Photography Blind – Realtree Max 4 HD


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Get close and get the shot!

The EPGear Kwik Camo II Portable Photography Blind covers you and your camera gear, so you can easily get the wildlife shot you want without carrying a bulky blind. Handmade in the USA from lightweight, breathable, water-resistant polyester/cotton material, the Kwik Camo II keeps you and your gear hidden in the wild. Using a Kwik Camo II allows you the concealment to move your hands and make adjustments to your gear without alerting your subject—which can’t be said about using camouflage clothing alone.

The Kwik Camo II has an extra large camouflaged viewing screen that allows you to keep an eye on your subject and remain hidden, while allowing peripheral vision. The screen zips open if you need to use your hands or use binoculars. A slot on top of the blind that allows use of an external flash unit. Unlike a bulky popup blind, the Kwik Camo Blind doesn’t require extensive set up and folds up to fit in a convenient carry pouch that also serves an internal accessory pocket. A Vecro closure on the back of the head keeps the Kwik Camo II in place, and an elastic cinch keeps the blind firmly attached to your lens.


  • New expanded camo mesh window for increased peripheral vision
  • New Velcro enclosers for securing the blind to your head
  • New elastic cinch to attach the blind to your lens
  • New integrated storage pouch that serves as an internal accessory pocket
  • Weight:  2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Dimensions: 77″ x 68″ (195 x 173 cm)


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