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Kwik Camo® Photography Blind


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Hands down, this easy to use photography blind will help you blend in with your surroundings to get that image of a lifetime.

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Product Description

Anyone wanting to view wildlife who would like to get closer without being seen, this is the product for you.

  • Covers you, the camera and the tripod
  • Ideal for birding!
  • Slot at top for external flash unit
  • Your body is the framework that keeps the cover in place
  • Large camo window screen provides adequate viewing – wildlife cannot see through
  • Ability to move your hands to make adjustments to your camera without spooking your subject/s
  • Portable & lightweight – easy to carry
  • Great for use with binoculars – spotting scopes
  • Fits people over 6-feet tall

Kwik Camo® Success Story – Dan Gomola

“I purchased the Kwik Camo® because there are a lot of times and places that
you cannot carry a large, popup blind and it has proven to be a wise decision. I have used it while photographing spring waterfowl migration.The large mesh window makes it possible to stay completely camouflaged from the subject while being able to move your hands freely to adjust your camera settings. I also like the slot in the top for an external flash. Migrating Hooded Mergansers spook easily and are difficult to photograph but the Kwik Camo kept me hidden until the click of the camera got his attention. Kwik Camo® allows me to get the portraits I want.


Copyright Dan Gomola


While photographing White-tailed Deer last September I draped the Kwik Camo® over me and my gear, slid up next to a large tree, and became virtually invisible. Successful wildlife photography depends on capturing the animal undisturbed in its natural habitat.


Copyright Dan Gomola



My favorite thing about Kwik Camo® is it’s portability. It easily folds back into its pouch or drapes over your shoulder to change locations. My next purchase will be the All-weather version.”

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Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs

Realtree AP Snow®, Realtree APG®, Realtree Max4®, Realtree Xtra Green


2.5 oz. Polyester – Cotton

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