Review: The Lightning Trigger

How to: Set up the Lightning Trigger from Travis Peltz on Vimeo.

Lightning. When those words are spoken I feel electrified. Not because of the electric current in the lightning, but because I am excited that I can capture the phenomenon via photograph without trouble. All thanks to the Lightning Trigger from Stepping Stone Products, LLC.

©Travis Peltz

This piece of kit is quick to set up (literally about 30 seconds) and easy to use. In essence, the Lightning Trigger is a sensor that senses the lightning flashes and then triggers the camera to capture the image. It has worked perfectly time and time again. It can be used during the day and during the night!

What you need to have to use the Trigger:

-A camera that has a flash bracket

-A camera that has shutter priority mode (for storms during the day) and manual mode (for storms during the night)

-A camera that has a port for remote shutters

-A thunderstorm with lightning :) (be careful though please, lightning is very dangerous, keep your distance)

-A stable tripod

Things that I like about the Lightning Trigger:

-Very simple to set up (basically “plug and play”)

-Once set up correctly, it automatically captures the lightning

-Great battery life

-Helpful manufacturer’s website

-Almost always captures the image of the lightning

-No moving parts (besides the switch to turn it on/off)

-Comes with a 2 year guarantee

-9V battery is provided (and is replaceable)

Things that I don’t like about the Lightning Trigger:

-Settings are very important, without the correct settings, you may miss the shot

*To view the settings + tips about using the Trigger, visit this link and click the hyperlink in the left column called “photography tips”

-The price ($329.00) but it is worth it. Trust me. I would have never captured many of my lightning shots without the assistance of the Lightning Trigger. We don’t have too many bad thunderstorms here in northern Michigan, but when we do, I am certain that I will be able to capture the lightning without a question.

-When the Lightning Trigger is on and plugged into the camera, it doesn’t let you view the pictures on your display. It’s not that big of a deal, but I like to see what I captured on the camera while I’m photographing the lightning.

This is what the setup looks like (Lightning Trigger attached to camera)

©Travis Peltz

Q & A:

Do you need the Lightning Trigger to photograph lightning?

-No. Lightning can be photographed normally without a automatic trigger, however in my opinion it is easy to use the Lightning Trigger :)

Are the image results worth the cost of the equipment?

-Results may vary, but in my experience it has completely paid itself off. Without it I would have missed countless lightning shots. For example, in Michigan we get a lot of storms during the night, so I can check the weather to see if it’s headed my way, set up the camera and Trigger, place it in the location I want, turn on, and walk away. I come back in the morning and find hundreds of images. All captured during the late night when I was sleeping :)

Is Essential Photo Gear affiliated with Stepping Stone Products, LLC?

-No, we are in no way affiliated or endorsed by Stepping Stone Products, LLC.

Here is a small gallery of images captured with the assistance of the Lightning Trigger:

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