KwikCamo™ - Snow

KwikCamo™ – Snow

Essential Photo Gear World Headquarters is nestled atop the highest point in northeastern lower Michigan. We are surrounded by an abundance of wilderness and miles of prestine shores, quite literally. Our main building is tucked away in a large area of hardwood forest. The fact that we are secluded does not inhibit our ability to serve our clients. We utilize the very latest technology which equates to faster response times, better products, and #1 customer satisfaction. We are #1 in Quality & Innovation.

The idea to create photo gear started about 6 years ago while doing some “catalog product photography” in our backyard. The tools we needed to do the job were either not available or didn’t do the job adequately.  So we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a custom product that would fit our needs. The result is the Kwik Camo® photography blind. Its success has opened up other opportunities and ideas, which has led to create an online store dedicated to the needs of the outdoor photographer.